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Helping You Help Your Fish

Here at Angler’s Bait & Tackle, we can help you turn a regular pond into your very own fishing paradise. To improve any ecosystem, you must start at the bottom. More bait fish = Greater Numbers of Bigger Game Fish = BETTER FISHING. We offer a variety of products to help the entire food chain in your body of water.

Large discounts for bulk orders!

Habitats, Feeders, and Turtle Traps

A lack of spawning locations in your fishing hole can have a seriously negative effect on your long-term fish populations, as well as the overall health of your ecosystem. You can remedy this by installing premium, permanent fish habitats to greatly increase productivity in your pond, watershed, lake, creek, or stream.

We’ve all thrown the family Christmas tree and the pasture cedars in the pond, hoping to create a good habitat for our baitfish. Well, after just 1 year, that tree will deteriorate by over 50%, and the branches will be over 80% deteriorated by year 2…..leaving behind a useless, annoying stump with 15-20 of your favorite lures attached to it! Well, for a 1-time investment, you can invest in a lifetime of increased productivity in your fishing hole, AND you can fish right through them with their snag-free design! How can you beat that?

Come ask for a free consultation today and we’ll give you a custom recommended habitat plan with specific locations! We’ll just need to pinpoint your body of water on Google Earth and we’ll take it from there.

We also carry premium traps for those pesky fish-eating, bait fish egg-digesting, bait-stealing turtles!! AND 2 types of feeders for your catfish, baitfish, and perch!

Pond Stocking

Thinking about stocking your pond? Let us help you! Fish are delivered weekly, and we have large holding tanks if you can’t pick up your fish right away. For larger orders, we can deliver the fish right to your pond! We have access to many fish varieties, including:

Our pond stocking service comes with a special discount. The bigger your order, the bigger the discount we can offer you!

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