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Bait Selections for Any Fish, Any Angler

At Angler’s Bait & Tackle, our #1 goal is to help you catch fish. To us, this isn’t just a job or a business or a bait shop….this is our passion. We believe that the more options we can offer our anglers, the more likely they will be successful on their fishing trip. Affordable prices, great selection, passionate people. That’s Angler’s Bait & Tackle.

Live Bait

How many bait shops in Kansas have their own water testing laboratory to ensure their H2O is in optimum condition? How many bait shops inject pure medical-grade oxygen in their holding tanks in order to supply their customers with the liveliest live bait? How many bait shops have a groundwater well for supplying their tanks to prevent chlorine poisoning from City water? Here at Angler’s, we also believe in the “Baker’s Dozen”….as most live bait fishermen have grown to appreciate! These are just a few things that separate us from most others.

Your kids will love our 500-gallon glass perch/goldfish tank, designed to be eye level for your toddler to enjoy! They will also enjoy the free sucker from one of our staff for visiting our store.

  • Live Worms (1 Dozen, 2 Dozen, Dyed Chartreuse, or a 500-Count “Flat”)
  • Minnows (Medium, Large, and Pink)
  • Perch
  • Trout Worms

Catfish Bait

Fishing for big cats with Dad is one our favorite childhood memories. From setting limb lines on the Walnut River for Flathead, to dropping a shad side off the side of the boat in a creek channel, to throwing a worm from the bank and waiting for a Channel Cat to bite, we have always loved catfishing. That’s why you’ll find one the best catfish bait selections anywhere in the State, and all the necessary tackle for reeling in the big one.

Trout Bait

Every year, trout are stocked in the El Dorado Trout Stream below the Dam in the Walnut River area. Our season runs from October 15th – March each year. The water is re-stocked every 2 weeks with more fish, keeping the populations up and your rod bent! We have everything you need to catch your daily limit of trout here in El Dorado.

Brands Available


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